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May 28, 2010

Cancelled trips and new projects

I was supposed to be going up North this weekend to visit the boy but apparently his original surgeon who fixed his broken ankle did quite a shoddy job and allowed him to start walking too soon and his hardware has broken and his ankle is busted again!  So now it will mean a halo around his ankle and 3 months no walking.  Hopefully I will get to go up there soon.  Looks like I'll be spending my Memorial Day with the family doing the BBQ thing.  Which is not a bad thing.  Mom and I grill up some very tasty veggies. :)

I have been busy working on new projects. I tried a mixed media collage for the first time I want to try more in that form. I went to the craft supply store today and bought gel medium to do the next one on a canvas. I also finished my first altered doll. It was fun and a learning experience. I painted the body with gesso and dyed the hair purple but to keep the color more intense I didn't rinse it out. Well of course once I let the hair down the body turned purple. So I had to sand the doll down, rinse out the hair and repaint the body. But I did it and now she is in a shadow box as a Demon Snake Charmer who ran away to join the freak show. And I completed another shadow box that was less about the goth and more personal I was inspired by one of my poems.  Here's some pictures of completed projects:


EJPcreations said...

Your new work looks AMAZING!!! I can tell you had a lot of fun making them. So sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I hope he heals up really soon.

DoBatsEatCats said...

Ugh -- that is just awful about your boyfriend's ankle! I hope he is up and around soon. Love your new pieces!