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June 12, 2011

Custom Orders and Finished Projects

So much for my updating at least once a week!  I have been keeping busy I finished another small curio cabinet with a vampire theme and two custom orders.  One was for a mini coffin and the other was for a creepy carnival/circus shadow box.  The orders were polar opposites in that the customer who ordered the coffin knew exactly what she wanted down to colors and fabric.  The customer who ordered the shadow box pretty much just said creepy carnival/circus and that was it.  But each one challenged me in it's own way.  I lined the bottom and top of the coffin in fabric which I haven't done before and I really like the way it turned out.  I will have to make one for the shop I saw some great vintage monsters fabric hopefully it's still there I think it would look great in a coffin.  And the carnival shadow box pushed me to make something that I may not have made if I wasn't given the theme.  I love how it turned out and I'm already planning a different version of it for the shop. 
I'm working on a couple of new pieces right now.  I have a witch's mini cabinet almost done.  I made a kettle that is filled with a green "bubbling liquid" and I have a few more items to make for the shelves.  I finished one of the tomb style shadow boxes.  It's The Count and Countess throw a ball.  It features the Count welcoming the guests at the front door and the Countess leading them down a long hallway to the ball room.  I really like the outside of this one I used a filigree style cross and added a small vampire bite coming out the center.

I haven't started work on the Dark Shadows piece yet.  I know what I want as far as mood and feel for the piece but the practical what is still eluding me.  Maybe this week will have a break through and I can start on it.  But if not I do have a few other pieces started so there is no lack of work to be done.

May 19, 2011

Completed Projects and Fledgling Ideas

I created a lot of new pieces before the Black Market some of them sold, like a cabinet, which I wanted to keep, and some of them I didn't get a chance to display.  I didn't get pictures of everything I sold.  I don't know what I was thinking I had the camera with me should have taken pictures of the people with their purchases.  But here’re a few that I did have:

I've been listing the items that I have left on Etsy.  So the shop has a lot of new inventory in it if you haven't checked it out in awhile, including new necklaces I made.  Here's a peek at some:

I made a new Vampire Theater and a new Vampire’s Castle shadow boxes.  I used basically the same elements from the originals but I changed them up some so each one remains unique:

I have plans for a Dark Shadows inspired shadow box I just love the over the top gothic atmosphere of that series.  I'm also planning on a shadow box inspired by Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast, one of my favorite movies the halway scene with the live hands holding the candelabras is amazing.  I’ve just started a little Frankenstein mini shrine. 

May 13, 2011

Bats Day Black Market 2011 Wrap Up

Since I last checked in here I have been working like a mad woman (some will say, "and that is different how?") getting ready for the Bats Day Black Market this year.  I made about 20 new items that I didn't even list in my shop.  The event was last weekend I had an amazing time and I sold better than last year! WOO HOO!!!  It's only my second time vending there but I ran into a people that I remember from last year and who remembered me which made it feel very much like hanging out with extended family.  I only got to walk around a little but the in that brief time I saw some incredible work and some stunning outfits.  I had a tiara custom made for me by the wonderfully gifted EJPcreations who designed and created it .  It is truly a work of art.

Here's a few pictures of my table.  And one of me and my Dad who has more fun at this event than anyone.

The table to the left of me was http://www.thecurioemporium.com/.  They had the most amazing jewelry, vintage photos and wonderfully odd trinkets.  I had my eye on a necklace with an old fashioned bicycle pendent.  But sadly I had to refrain from any purchases.  Which was absolute torture for me!  Not only did they have great items their outfits were just gorgeous.  Here is a picture of her she made this dress herself from curtains.  Check out their website they are going to be opening a shop in Pasadena this year.

One of the vendors that I ran into from last year was Skele Clips.  She has some of the most gorgeous taxidermy jewelry and fasicnators.  I've been lusting after her jewelry since I saw it there last year.

I also ran into a two husband wife teams that I met last year.  Pill box designs make vinyl wall art.  They have great coffins, bats, zombies and spiders.  They also have lap top designs and dry erase boards.  I pretty  much want something for every wall. 

The other couple have their own shops.  Lunakitten who makes wonderful hair falls.  Here's a friend of a friend, who bought two Saturday, modeling one pair.
And her husband Millinginline makes the most incredible hand made storage boxes for small bottles of perfume like you would get from Black Phoenix Alchemy.  He was selling one that looked like a doll house that was just gorgeous. 

I also really wanted a zombie bunny being sold by My Vicious Boutique.  They had so many adorable stuffed creations I had to fight to resist.

And I was really impressed with MaS Design.  She creates ceramics that are all hand poured, fired and glazed by her.  They are just dark, odd and beautiful.

It's a good thing I didn't walk around more or this post would be twice as long!  If you are in the Southern California area next May you should definitely check the event out.

Some of the new items I made that didn't sell at the event are being listed on my shop.  And I've already started on some new creations. :)

March 16, 2011

Freak Show

The first time I saw Tod Browning's Freaks I was mesmerized. I think the idea of people so completely outside of society’s norm coming together and forming their own family was especially appealing. I was one of those kids that got labeled “freak” early on in life. I just didn’t quite fit in. It took me many years to find my family of fellow weirdoes and even though most of them would blend seamlessly in your average American crowd I know their creative, chaotic, horror movie loving, inner freakiness make them almost as much of a curiosity to “normal” society as the side show freaks back in the day were.

I had this doll which was rescued from a thrift store missing arms and legs I gave her new arms but they didn’t exactly blend or are even that functional for her and with no legs I figured there was only one place for this girl to shine. So I created the Freak Show shadow box for her. At the same time it pays homage to all the strange and freaky girls out there who are working what they have and making the world they want.

March 08, 2011

Skulls and Castles

I've finished two new projects since I last posted.  The first is a wood box purse.  I've made a lot of these for myself and as gifts through the years but I haven't made any for my shop yet.  I love them but there is the drawback of every time I open one to get something out I have to make sure it's lying flat and I don't lose anything.  So I wanted to make one that was fully lined and opened like a traditional purse.  It took me more than a few days (read a week) and two trips to the fabric store before I figured it out.  But now that's it's done I love it!  I will be making some more if not to sell in my shop than definitely to sell at the Bats Day Black Market event.  If you want more information about this event here's a link to their website: Bats Day.  Enough of the chatty chatty, here's some pictures:
My other project is a new shadow box called The Vampire's Castle.  The idea started with a great castle graphic that I got from Altered Artifacts.  I used images from the 1931 Dracula for the vampire and his brides.  I also used a quote from Bram Stoker's Dracula on the back of the shadow box: "...the walls of my castle are broken.  The shadows are many, and the wind breaths through the broken battlements and casements."  This was a fun project and I'm trying to think of some other themes that I can use the castle front with.  I'm thinking dark fairy tale like maybe a gothic sleeping beauty.
This week I'm working on a carnival freak show shadow box.  Stay tuned for the research pictures for that project!

February 23, 2011

From Paris to Purgatory

My two most recent projects have taken me from the Moulin Rouge to the Catholic's purgatory with the anima sola. It's been a very split personality kind of a week. ;)

I created a mini theater featuring can-can dancers of the Moulin Rouge. I am fascinated by Paris when the Moulin Rouge first opened, the idea of the bohemian lifestyle and the mingling of the artists, the dancers/singers, philosophers, and poets. It's a romanticized vision I’m sure but I’m still enamored of it. Here are a few pictures I came across while researching:

 And here is my version of the theater:
My other project was a nicho style shadow box featuring an image of the anima sola. I was raised Catholic and even though I’m no longer a Christian I’m still drawn to religious images and stories of the Saints. The anima sola seems to be an image that started as a lost soul in purgatory but it also has stories linking it to different religions and cultures. In doing research the one story that struck me is its tie to lost love or unrequited love. That is something I can definitely identify with so I started the piece from there. Here’s the completed shadow box:

February 13, 2011

Dark Fairies, Nichos, and Love

I finally finished the clock case shadow box.  I created an enchanted forest with a skull fairy.  I love the idea of a fierce race of dark fairies creating chaos and mayhem wherever they go.  They are the Skull fairies because they collect skulls.  I think they are grave robbing fairies but I wouldn't want to wander into the woods alone at night while they were gathered there they will get their skulls anyway they can. ;)  Of course their revelries are bacchanalian and my little fairy has been caught the morning after holding her tiny acorn cup and still reeling from the night before.

I started a new project today I found a wooden box with a lid that holds a photo at a thrift store.  The shape reminds me of a nicho so I'm playing around with some ideas to figure out what would best suit it.

It's almost Valentine's Day to all the couples out there may your Love be Eternal.


February 06, 2011

Inspiration and Ideas

I just completed a custom order for a friend.  He wanted a gift for his Mom's birthday.  The style was not my usual style but it's fun to sometimes make something completely different and in doing so I got an idea for a box that is in my style.

I'm working on a project now that is another clock case shadow box.  I'm trying to figure out what will go inside the clock.  I want to do something new not another haunted house graveyard theme.  But it needs to be small enough to fit in the case.  Here's some pictures of the project so far.

Not to long ago I finished a Vampire Theater shadow box.  I love the idea of a Victorian theater in London just for vampires.  I think they would take the common drawing room plays of the day and give them a Vamp twist.  The graveyard replacing the drawing room and a vampire version of Oscar Wilde writing brilliant and witty dialog.  The scene I created in the shadow box was a bit of a comedy.  I envisioned the play where the woman vampire spurned her current lover for a new monster which is why the male vampire in the shadow box is holding a heart in his hand.  I think the vampires would go in for some really graphic props!   

Yesterday I listed a new item in my shop, a mixed media picture.  I was inspired to make the picture when I came across an old writing exercise I had done.  It was to tell a story in one sentence.  This was the sentence:  Standing in front of unblemished glass uncorrupted skin pure and smooth between the violence tracing the residue of kisses, the imprint of lips at the base of her throat, the taste of him melting like ash on her tongue as she longs to be the kind of girl love doesn’t bleed dry.  I found a vintage photo that went perfect with it and created the piece from there.

January 30, 2011


I finally finished my website.  You can check it out here: http://www.nacreousalchemy.com/  I've tried to gather all pertinent information about my shop and my work there.  If there is something you would like to see let me know. :)

And just so this isn't a picture free post here is my most recent listing.

New Year New Resolutions!

I have been awful about ignoring this poor blog but one of my resolutions for the new year is to be more active here.  So I thought I better get a post in before January is over!  I've been working on a new website for Nacreous Alchemy which will be unveiled shortly.  I am trying to have a place online that gathers together all aspects of Nacreous Alchemy in one place with links to everything.

My most recent shadow box features a private opium den in the 1920s.  That is one of my favorite eras for so many things, decor, art, fashion and literature.  I found some interesting sites and pictures while I was doing research.  This site was a great source: Opium Museum They have so many amazing pictures and info to check out.  Here are a few different photos I found while doing research.  The first one was the most inspirational as far as the mood and decor of my shadow box goes.

 And here is a photo of the completed project.