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September 21, 2014

If I had my way I would live in a home that was a cross between The Munsters house and The Addams Family home.  But I cohabitate and not everyone shares my love of all things dark and creepy.  So I have to be content with making fabulously creepy and wonderful items for other people's homes.  This week I finished a spice rack that I think would be the perfect touch in a gothic kitchen.  I gave it a bit of an apothecary design.  Who hasn't dreamed of cooking in their kitchen and grabbing spices from a rack with poison signs on it?  It can't just be me. ;)

 Gothic Spice Rack

I really like displayed collections featured in glass enclosed hutches or curio cabinets.  So whenever I find a cabinet with a glass front I snap it up for a creeptastic display shelf.  I gave this one a Black Widow theme.
 Gothic Display Cabinet

 Gothic Display Cabinet

Occasionally I run across clocks that I want to give new life to.  The Latin phrase, "Omnes Vulerant, Ultima Necat" (All {hours}wound but the last kills.) is a perfect phrase to remind us of times fleeting quality.  I incorporated it into this clock along with a miniature cemetery to fill the space where a missing drawer went.
 Gothic Clock

September 14, 2014

Still Waiting for Fall!

It's 102 degrees today which means there is not even a hint of Fall in the air.  So I'm left to create my own hints of Fall.  First I made a Haunted House diorama.  Inside is the ghost of Annabelle and her very creepy doll.  In the front yard are the graves of Annabelle and her parents.
 Haunted House

 Haunted House Side View

Then I went with the classic skull and added a spider sitting in his eye socket mounted on wood planks.  
 Skull Art

And this week I went traditional Halloween with a Witch diorama piece.  I was all about the #CreativePaperclay for this piece.  I made the hat, pumpkins, cauldron, broom and book from the clay.  Here's a picture before I painted everything and the finished piece.

 Halloween Witch Diorama

I'm feeling the chill in the air already, okay, it's really just the air conditioner but a girl can dream. :)