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May 22, 2012

Black Market 2012

I wish I could say, "I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I was here!" but I've been well aware of my lack of blogging.  I don't know about you but I tend to start avoiding something like crazy when I feel guilty about not doing it.  And even though I've wanted to blog and had things to write about, I still avoided because so much time had already passed.  But I'm working on that and just jumping in pretty much where I left off; Black Market wrap up.

The event was last weekend and if you aren't familiar with Bats Days and the events that occur you have to check out their page: Bats Day  I'm usually so busy getting ready for the Black Market that I don't get a chance to enjoy the other activities planned over the weekend but I've seen the pictures and heard all about the good times had from other people.

Here's my table set up and my two assistants, my parents sporting their skull shirts. 
I'm going to get a new sign before the next show I realize that one is not easy to read.

This table of stunning hats was right across from me.  I wanted each and every one of them.  You can check out the full collection here: The House Of Wormwood
Directly across from me was a table that brought out the full fan girl mode in me.  It was the Monster Man table with Clive and Constance Hall!  I love that show on SyFy.  And I think she pretty much has one of the coolest jobs ever.
I did a bit of shopping too it wasn't all work. ;)  I bought an adorable spider hair clip from La Vie Macabre  She also does some gorgeous resin skull jewelry.
I also bought some adorable hair bow clips one with a skull cameo and one with a small coffin from LaDanseMacabre  They also have beautiful velvet caplets and all kinds of jewelry and other goodies.

This is a booth that I need to buy something from, they have the most adorably creepy stuffed creations at My Vicious Boutique
Foul Bitten has amazing art work it's etched copper the process is done with salt water and a battery on her kitchen counter it's just incredible.
I just love MaS Design Ceramic Oddities  All her ceramics are hand poured, sculpted, fired and glazed by her in her home studio
And if you love all that's odd and strange than you have to check out The Curio Emporium  This will take you to their Facebook page their website will be up and running at the end of this month.  It's definitely worth checking out.
I could go on and on there were so many amazing vendors there.  Plus I enjoy getting to sit back and watch all the gorgeous people in their finery.  Although no one quite stood out as much as this guy who was kind enough to stop and pose for this picture. :)
It really was an amazing day.  I love getting to meet the other vendors and sharing stories and the best part is getting to meet people who buy my work or seeing how people react to pieces as they walk by.  I love to see the surprise on their face as they see a small unexpected detail in a shadow box.  I work at home and I don't do any other shows but this one so I don't get to see a lot of public reactions or feedback which just makes this show extra special to me.