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January 24, 2015

I've been reveling in the rare occurrence of winter weather here in SoCal.  We even had a day of snow just ten minutes from the house.  It's about 80 today and I'm actually enjoying the warmth!  Of course in a couple of months I'll be my usual grumbly heat/sun hating self.   I did capture a gorgeous sunrise last month.

This month I've been busy working on some Gothic inspired Valentine treats.  Here's a few of the items I've completed for the shop.
 Broken Heart Plaque
This little plaque features a broken anatomical heart. with a quote from Oscar Wilde.  Sometimes the only thing that will do on Valentin's is an anti Valentine. 

 Gothic Valentine Box
My obsession with boxes is well documented.  I think I just like the idea of secret spaces to squirrel away tiny treasures and such.  I love this paper with tiny skulls because it kind of looks like black and white polk-a-dots until you get closer.  And the filigree skull is just so pretty I want to use them on every thing. 
 Gothic Valentine / Memento Mori Wall Art
This wall art is perfect for those who prefer hearts and skulls over hearts and flowers.  It's also a bit of a memento mori piece.  I've included lines from Dylan Thomas's poem "And Death Shall Have No Dominion"

Next week I'm starting work on a new jewelry box with a three dimensional skull on the lid.  It's a new process so I can't wait to try it out.  If it works I'll post the results. :)