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February 19, 2013

Making old things new again

There are so many old jewelry cabinets in thrift stores or sold at garage sales.  Different styles I keep as jewelry cabinets while others make great small curio cabinets.  I've finished two jewelry cabinets recently with an Edgar Allan Poe theme.  The first one is Edgar Allan Poe / Raven themed the second one is a custom order for a Tall-Tale Heart / Raven theme.  

I often find these cabinets which are perfect for repurposing into Gothic style curio cabinets.  This one is a apothecary / potion bottle theme.  I thought it would be perfect to hold small perfume bottles.

I found these two pieces at garage sales recently.  I can't wait to make them over.  I think the carriage will be stunning with a Gothic look painted black and different fabric added to the inside.  And the clock will have a full makeover with a scene or skull of some sort in the glass enclosed portion.

February 08, 2013

   I'm kind of obsessed with all things vintage and antique.  I'm especially in love with the 20's and the Victorian era and giving them a Gothic twist.  My latest 20's / Gothic mash-up was inspired when I got this Art Deco style clock case.  I just knew it had to become a vampire flapper's boudoir complete with a skull chandelier.

This clock case seemed to call out for a Victorian vampire tea party.  I love the idea of the traditional lawn party being held at night in the cemetery by a very proper looking lady who just happens to be a vampire.  She's even carrying a black parasol in case those moonbeams become too bright.