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May 31, 2015

Frida Kahlo, Creepy Fortune Tellers, and Lizzie Borden!!!

I was inspired by this peek into Frida's Closet, to create a new shadow box.  I chose to put her in her studio with some of her beloved pets.
 Frida Shadow Box

There is no clear line from Frida to Lizzie, but they both happened this month.  I may have overindulged in the blood splatter but after watching the series with Christina Ricci and loving the high camp factor I was inspired.

 Lizzie Borden Wall Art

From Frida and Lizzie, I moved to a creepy fortune teller.  I was sifting through the spare doll parts (Doesn't everybody have a drawer full of spare parts?) and I ran across a particularly lovely head.  I gave her a bandana and some silver hoop earrings and a miniature Ouija board.  And then I encased her in a "crystal" ball.

 Fortune Teller