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April 12, 2014

Playing with clay and miniatures

I've been working on a Snow White shadow box.  The original Grimm version is so dark with a cannibalistic step mom who is forced to dance to death in burning iron shoes.  Of course. whenever I take on a fairy tale I have to take over the story as well.  In my version, the hunter while sparing Snow White knows better than to bring an animal heart to the Queen so he kills another girl in her place.  Which means heart and knife are part of the shadow box.  And that leads me to my latest obsession clay.  I started using #CreativePaperclay a couple of years ago and I love all the things I'm able to create.  Somehow working with clay led to another new passion and that's miniatures.  There are so many things I need for my shadow box dioramas and most of the pieces I find are out of my price range plus, I don't feel like the work is mine if I'm using other people's creations.  So here's a few of my recent pieces

I made the cauldron, candy canes, cake, cookies, bowl, and books from #CreativePaperclay for this Christmas Witch diorama.

I made this miniature graveyard and tree.

This was for an Edgar Allan Poe shadow box, I made the parchment paper, inkwell, quill and book from #CreativePaperclay.

And this is from a magic diorama.  I made the cauldron, the herb bag with the pentagram, the mushrooms, cutting board and knife, and the tombstone.