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June 12, 2011

Custom Orders and Finished Projects

So much for my updating at least once a week!  I have been keeping busy I finished another small curio cabinet with a vampire theme and two custom orders.  One was for a mini coffin and the other was for a creepy carnival/circus shadow box.  The orders were polar opposites in that the customer who ordered the coffin knew exactly what she wanted down to colors and fabric.  The customer who ordered the shadow box pretty much just said creepy carnival/circus and that was it.  But each one challenged me in it's own way.  I lined the bottom and top of the coffin in fabric which I haven't done before and I really like the way it turned out.  I will have to make one for the shop I saw some great vintage monsters fabric hopefully it's still there I think it would look great in a coffin.  And the carnival shadow box pushed me to make something that I may not have made if I wasn't given the theme.  I love how it turned out and I'm already planning a different version of it for the shop. 
I'm working on a couple of new pieces right now.  I have a witch's mini cabinet almost done.  I made a kettle that is filled with a green "bubbling liquid" and I have a few more items to make for the shelves.  I finished one of the tomb style shadow boxes.  It's The Count and Countess throw a ball.  It features the Count welcoming the guests at the front door and the Countess leading them down a long hallway to the ball room.  I really like the outside of this one I used a filigree style cross and added a small vampire bite coming out the center.

I haven't started work on the Dark Shadows piece yet.  I know what I want as far as mood and feel for the piece but the practical what is still eluding me.  Maybe this week will have a break through and I can start on it.  But if not I do have a few other pieces started so there is no lack of work to be done.