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June 30, 2015

Bringing Halloween to my summer months

It's a constant battle every year loving summer for about a week and then being over it and longing and dreaming of October and all it's wonderful Halloween/Fall goodness.  I made a few pieces to remind myself it's only 122 days until Halloween.

I found this cute Victorian looking doll house carriage and a little doll.  I decided to give them a vampire inspired make-over.  Here's what it looked like before

And here's the after.
 Vampire Baby in Carriage

I was contemplating possible Halloween decor themes and The Mad Scientist's Laboratory came to mind.  So I decided to do a miniature version in a shadow box.  
 Mad Scientist Lab

June 17, 2015

Humming Bird Nursery

A hummingbird decided to build a nest on a windchime we have under the patio.  Thank goodness it's so far under the patio it doesn't move. (yeah, not the best planning on my part)  It's been fascinating to watch how dedicated she is to sitting on the nest.  And once the babies were hatched she has flown back and forth almost non-stop.  Here's mama on the nest and the babies ready to bust out of the nest.  Which cool fact, the nest is built to expand as the babies grow.