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September 05, 2015

Photo Bomb!!!

I recently bought a new camera.  And I'm obsessed, taking pictures of everything.  It has a 60x zoom on it.  So when we had the Supermoon recently I took some pictures.
It doesn't even look real.  There is supposed to be another Supermoon later this month I want to try and get some earlier pictures.  I took this one after 10.

I've been playing with different settings.
My sweet old girl in Toy setting.  She's lost a lot of her teeth, despite my daily brushing! and now she has a reverse vampire smile. 
 We have a lot of cactus growing in the yards, but this one is my favorite.  It has character.
I love the combination of black and white and color, especially on flower pictures.  The real purpose of the camera (or justification) is to take better shots of my shadow boxes and other pieces.  Now I just need to create a good background.