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March 29, 2015

When I first saw this jewelry box she had that faded beauty of an old carnival performer with her beautiful curved ornate legs and slightly shabby finish.  So I was inspired by that to create a freakshow themed jewelry box.  This one is dedicated to the Strange Girls everywhere.  My fellow modern day freaks who never quite fit in with the rest of the crowd.

It's pretty much like Christmas for me when I find nice wood pieces for the home in thrift stores or estate sales.  I got a hold of these two items for the kitchen and gave them a much needed gothic makeover.  

I love the retro vibe of recipe boxes and napkin holders.  I'm not sure people even use them much anymore.  I'm guessing everyone's recipes are on Pinterest or stored on a pad. But I remember what fun it was to sit in my Mom's kitchen when I was young and go through her Betty Crocker recipe box.  Everything was broken down by occasion with sections for cocktail parties and dinner parties.  It seemed so glamorous at the time.  And I've always loved the kitschiness of  napkin holders especially the ones from tourist locations.  So in my mind I see these items and can't help to start planning a gothic kitschy kitchen.

March 14, 2015

I started a new shadow box thinking I was going to do something along the lines of a Victorian parlor with a mourning skeleton.  But midway through making the skeleton's dress she decided she was a witch.  So I switched gears and went with Miss Witch's parlor.
 Witch shadow box diorama
 So here she is all ready to be a proper Victorian lady in mourning when the compulsion hits and this happens
 Witch shadow box diorama
Once she went there I had to create a creepy home for her.  
 Witch shadow box diorama

 Witch shadow box diorama
Need a love spell, your fortune told?  Step right in she's just waiting to welcome you.