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May 19, 2011

Completed Projects and Fledgling Ideas

I created a lot of new pieces before the Black Market some of them sold, like a cabinet, which I wanted to keep, and some of them I didn't get a chance to display.  I didn't get pictures of everything I sold.  I don't know what I was thinking I had the camera with me should have taken pictures of the people with their purchases.  But here’re a few that I did have:

I've been listing the items that I have left on Etsy.  So the shop has a lot of new inventory in it if you haven't checked it out in awhile, including new necklaces I made.  Here's a peek at some:

I made a new Vampire Theater and a new Vampire’s Castle shadow boxes.  I used basically the same elements from the originals but I changed them up some so each one remains unique:

I have plans for a Dark Shadows inspired shadow box I just love the over the top gothic atmosphere of that series.  I'm also planning on a shadow box inspired by Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast, one of my favorite movies the halway scene with the live hands holding the candelabras is amazing.  I’ve just started a little Frankenstein mini shrine. 

May 13, 2011

Bats Day Black Market 2011 Wrap Up

Since I last checked in here I have been working like a mad woman (some will say, "and that is different how?") getting ready for the Bats Day Black Market this year.  I made about 20 new items that I didn't even list in my shop.  The event was last weekend I had an amazing time and I sold better than last year! WOO HOO!!!  It's only my second time vending there but I ran into a people that I remember from last year and who remembered me which made it feel very much like hanging out with extended family.  I only got to walk around a little but the in that brief time I saw some incredible work and some stunning outfits.  I had a tiara custom made for me by the wonderfully gifted EJPcreations who designed and created it .  It is truly a work of art.

Here's a few pictures of my table.  And one of me and my Dad who has more fun at this event than anyone.

The table to the left of me was http://www.thecurioemporium.com/.  They had the most amazing jewelry, vintage photos and wonderfully odd trinkets.  I had my eye on a necklace with an old fashioned bicycle pendent.  But sadly I had to refrain from any purchases.  Which was absolute torture for me!  Not only did they have great items their outfits were just gorgeous.  Here is a picture of her she made this dress herself from curtains.  Check out their website they are going to be opening a shop in Pasadena this year.

One of the vendors that I ran into from last year was Skele Clips.  She has some of the most gorgeous taxidermy jewelry and fasicnators.  I've been lusting after her jewelry since I saw it there last year.

I also ran into a two husband wife teams that I met last year.  Pill box designs make vinyl wall art.  They have great coffins, bats, zombies and spiders.  They also have lap top designs and dry erase boards.  I pretty  much want something for every wall. 

The other couple have their own shops.  Lunakitten who makes wonderful hair falls.  Here's a friend of a friend, who bought two Saturday, modeling one pair.
And her husband Millinginline makes the most incredible hand made storage boxes for small bottles of perfume like you would get from Black Phoenix Alchemy.  He was selling one that looked like a doll house that was just gorgeous. 

I also really wanted a zombie bunny being sold by My Vicious Boutique.  They had so many adorable stuffed creations I had to fight to resist.

And I was really impressed with MaS Design.  She creates ceramics that are all hand poured, fired and glazed by her.  They are just dark, odd and beautiful.

It's a good thing I didn't walk around more or this post would be twice as long!  If you are in the Southern California area next May you should definitely check the event out.

Some of the new items I made that didn't sell at the event are being listed on my shop.  And I've already started on some new creations. :)