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February 19, 2013

Making old things new again

There are so many old jewelry cabinets in thrift stores or sold at garage sales.  Different styles I keep as jewelry cabinets while others make great small curio cabinets.  I've finished two jewelry cabinets recently with an Edgar Allan Poe theme.  The first one is Edgar Allan Poe / Raven themed the second one is a custom order for a Tall-Tale Heart / Raven theme.  

I often find these cabinets which are perfect for repurposing into Gothic style curio cabinets.  This one is a apothecary / potion bottle theme.  I thought it would be perfect to hold small perfume bottles.

I found these two pieces at garage sales recently.  I can't wait to make them over.  I think the carriage will be stunning with a Gothic look painted black and different fabric added to the inside.  And the clock will have a full makeover with a scene or skull of some sort in the glass enclosed portion.

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