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September 21, 2014

If I had my way I would live in a home that was a cross between The Munsters house and The Addams Family home.  But I cohabitate and not everyone shares my love of all things dark and creepy.  So I have to be content with making fabulously creepy and wonderful items for other people's homes.  This week I finished a spice rack that I think would be the perfect touch in a gothic kitchen.  I gave it a bit of an apothecary design.  Who hasn't dreamed of cooking in their kitchen and grabbing spices from a rack with poison signs on it?  It can't just be me. ;)

 Gothic Spice Rack

I really like displayed collections featured in glass enclosed hutches or curio cabinets.  So whenever I find a cabinet with a glass front I snap it up for a creeptastic display shelf.  I gave this one a Black Widow theme.
 Gothic Display Cabinet

 Gothic Display Cabinet

Occasionally I run across clocks that I want to give new life to.  The Latin phrase, "Omnes Vulerant, Ultima Necat" (All {hours}wound but the last kills.) is a perfect phrase to remind us of times fleeting quality.  I incorporated it into this clock along with a miniature cemetery to fill the space where a missing drawer went.
 Gothic Clock

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