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February 13, 2011

Dark Fairies, Nichos, and Love

I finally finished the clock case shadow box.  I created an enchanted forest with a skull fairy.  I love the idea of a fierce race of dark fairies creating chaos and mayhem wherever they go.  They are the Skull fairies because they collect skulls.  I think they are grave robbing fairies but I wouldn't want to wander into the woods alone at night while they were gathered there they will get their skulls anyway they can. ;)  Of course their revelries are bacchanalian and my little fairy has been caught the morning after holding her tiny acorn cup and still reeling from the night before.

I started a new project today I found a wooden box with a lid that holds a photo at a thrift store.  The shape reminds me of a nicho so I'm playing around with some ideas to figure out what would best suit it.

It's almost Valentine's Day to all the couples out there may your Love be Eternal.


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