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May 04, 2010

Fortune Teller, Graveyard and New Projects

I'm working on a custom jewelery box this week. It's not my usual stuff as it's more punk than goth but it's a fun project. It feels weird not being crazed trying to get stuff done now that the show is over. I have some really cool ideas for new projects that I can't wait to get working on. I found these great frames that are shadowbox style at the thrift store. They have small items glued down and tagged kind of like specimens. I think I'm going to take a skeleton and break it down on one of them and keep the tags. Not sure what I'll be doing with the other one yet.

I have all kinds of new pieces to post to my shop in the next couple of weeks. Here are two that I posted this week.

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EJPcreations said...

I just love the graveyard in the box. I got a chance to see it up close at the Black Market and it is AMAZING!!! Great job!