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May 03, 2010

Bats Day Black Market Review

I survived my first show! It was a mixed experience. I only sold a few items which was disappointing. But I had a lot of interest in my work many people stopped by more than once they were interested in how I made things, what made me start creating and everyone took cards a few people took several cards. I talked to a lot of people about doing costume mini shrines or shadow boxes. So I'm hoping that even though I didn't get many sales at the show that it will provide me with sales down the line.

I had a fantastic time there. I got to talk to a lot of interesting people the outfits that many people had were beyond fabulous. All the vendors were selling amazing things. It was a definite sensory overload walking through there, I wanted just about everything. I think I would do it again. I have a better idea of the types of items that sell. If I had more of the mini shrines and alters I would have sold more, those went right away and people seem to love the familiar like Poe and Bela Lugosi so it was a great way to market test my items.

I also got to meet a few of the Etsy Dark Street Team members.  Kitcameo, kitcameo's shop, was there selling.  Her table was amazing.  I bought an adorable red bottle with a bat etched onto it.  Pillbox Designs, Pillbox Designs' Shop, were also there selling.  I love their vinyl wall graphics if I had made more sales I would have bought something from them as well.  I also got to meet the amazing artist behind EJPcreations, EJPcreations Shop.  She was wearing one of her fabulous necklaces that I recognized right away. :)

Here are a few vendors that I really liked:
Skele Clips
Gothic Beagle (The cutest dog clothing and accesories)
Ladanse Macabre designs (My parents treated me to a fabulous spider necklace from these guys)
Artistic Talent (This woman was amazing, she had her own photography, she does make-up and sculpture! I was completely impressed with her talents)
Creepy Dolls These dolls were definitely creepy but also gorgeous! My cousin bought a print from them of one of their dolls.  They were also proudly showing off their place in the Regretsy book. :)

If I had more time to walk around and really examine things I'm sure I would have collected  a ton more cards but I didn't want to leave my table for too long. Thankfully my best friend was there with me helping me out and giving me a chance to walk around.

Here are a few pics of my table:

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Illustrated Ink said...

Congrats on your first show! It's always good to get your feet wet, so you can know what to expect at the next one. It sounds like you had a fun time! Your table looked great. :)