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August 19, 2010

I really do like Halloween!

Nacreous Alchemy had a good week it started off with an order for four pieces from a very nice customer and I was able to finish two new pieces as well.  One of them was transforming a traditional shabby chic shadow box into a far darker and less mainstream piece.  Those are my favorite kinds of projects starting out with one thing and making it over completely.  Here's the before and after:

I was at Michael's this weekend stocking up on supplies.  The girl who rang me up asked me if I really like Halloween. ;)  Even though the heat has finally decided to descend on us here in SoCal I'm already dreaming of fall and Halloween decor all over. 

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Illustrated Ink said...

Awesome transformation, I love it when drab things are given a wicked new life!

I'm also dreaming of Fall and Halloween, the best time of year!