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August 26, 2010

Heat Wave

Summer was slow coming to Southern California this year (WOO HOO) but now it’s here with a vengeance. The past few days temperatures have hit over the 100’s in many places. Which means I’m not a happy crafter my work space is outside, it’s under a patio cover but it’s still miserably hot out there kind of hard to concentrate on creating. I did manage to finish one new project. It’s a wooden tomb shadow box. I decided to do the story of a vampire queen living in her castle enjoying the blood of those who wander into her woods and ruling the demons around her. I enjoyed creating the story as much as the piece I might even turn it into a short story. I haven’t written fiction in years.

Despite all this heat I keep thinking about Fall and Halloween. I’ve been playing with some vintage photos on the computer and creating some Halloween/witch themed pictures from them. I’m not sure how I want to use them but I’d like to do something. If nothing else maybe I can use them for my Halloween cards this year.

Guess I should quit trying to avoid the heat and get to work. Here are a few pictures of the completed project and for the background story check out the Etsy posting: vampire queen story


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

love your new Shadow Box! Vampires are my favorite. It is hotter than hell here in Wyoming too but fall will be here before we know it.

Take Care,

Illustrated Ink said...

Love this piece, and the story behind it!! I really enjoy creating stories for my pieces too, it really gives them life.

Girl, I can't belive your work space is outside. I live in Texas, and it has been crazy hot. I would die if I had to work outside, I just hate going to our hot garage to seal my pieces. You are hard core!

Nacreous Alchemy said...

Thanks Victoria, I hope fall gets there soon for you. :)

Thanks Leila, I agree creating the back story is a big part of the fun of a new piece. And working outside here isn't really bad. We tend to have rather temperate weather here for the most part. I don't think I could do it if I was in Texas!