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August 14, 2010

Trip Highlights and Family Visit

I came back from my trip up North last Sunday to a house filled with family and friends celebrating a visit from my cousin and his family from New York.  So this past week has been busy.  I discovered a new tea room where we brought my cousins daughter and my Mom's god daughter.   They had a whole section of hats that you could try on we all had a blast slipping into different personas with each hat.   We had dinner out for my Mom's birthday at her favorite restaurant, Spaghetti Factory.  The decor in that place is amazing all the old velvet sofas, dark wood and gorgeous Victorian lamp shades. 

My trip up North was wonderful; the drive there was mostly uneventful. Upon approaching the Grapevine just as the sun was rising the mountains looked like a watercolor painting with varying shades of gray and lavender it was all just a bit soft and blurry. And while passing one of the many cow pastures I saw four black cows walking in line nose to tail with each cow just a bit smaller than the next. They were like a kids toy their sizing was so perfect. The best part of the trip was getting there and seeing the boy.  While there we did some site seeing. We went to Folsom prison and got scolded by a guard for taking pictures. In the town of Folsom we went to an old catholic church and cemetery and I got some great graveyard pictures. I can't wait to do some photo manipulation on them. I also got some nice shots of the American River. We went to downtown Sacramento to look at the beautiful Victorian houses and I found my dream home there.  Although there were so many beautiful houses there I could have had a dozen dream homes.  Leaving was difficult I miss the boy like crazy but it's time to get my creative groove going and gear up for what I hope will be my busy season. :) 
Tower in the old part of the prison

One of the gravestones from 1878

The American River
My Dream House

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