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March 03, 2010

The Lady of the House of Love

This weekend was a bust on the thrift storing but I’ve got the bug so I’m going to have to get out there soon. Who knows what kind of wonderful things are waiting to be repurposed or if I’m really lucky what kind of crazy kitsch items I may find.

I did get to go out to dinner with the boyfriend we went to our favorite Thai food place. It’s one of those places where they have all the beautiful carved woodwork, a bubbling water fountain and the perfect background music. We are always a little sleepy and dreamy when we leave that place. Oh and they have the most perfect house salad!

So I finally was able to post the Angela Carter shadow box to Etsy. I had to fight a computer virus to do so but I won in the end. I thought I was going to have to resort to Geek Squad but I was finally able to figure out how to get rid of it. Not that it was so difficult I’m just that slow when it comes to that kind of thing. Here are a few pictures:

Haven’t worked on anything new this week but tomorrow it’s back to work!

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Illustrated Ink said...

The completed shadow box is stunning! I love the pictures you selected, and the deep red color.

My boyfriend and I LOVE Thai food too. Mmmmmm....