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March 31, 2010

Alice and company

I finally finished the Alice in Wonderland shadow box!  Painting all those stripes nearly did me in.  This is another one that I'm saving for the Bats Day show.   Here are some pictures:

I've got a few new ideas brewing for shadow boxes.  I think the next one I'm going to start working on is going to be the parlor of a Victorian spiritualist.  I found a small plastic doll chair that if I cover in velvet will look perfect so I decided to build a theme around it. 

Also need to start working on an outfit for the Bats Day Black Market.  I want something fun, fabulous and just a bit over the top of my every day dressing.

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Illustrated Ink said...

Awesome, I love your shadow boxes! This one is so fun! :) I can relate to how painting all those stripes almost did you in - I feel the same way about painting them. The effect is worth it though, great job!