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February 25, 2010

Finished projects and thrift stores

I’ve spent the entire week working on the “The Lady of The House Of Love” shadow box. I finally finished it today but it was so late that I was unable to take any pictures. Since I’m leaving to San Diego tomorrow morning I will have to take pictures and post it to the shop on Monday.

I’m really excited about this piece. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right images to highlight the key points in the story while also making it beautiful and interesting to look at. I hope I succeeded. I guess I’ll know I did if it sells.

I have been craving a good thrift store jaunt. I may try and do that next week. Or maybe I’ll sneak off this weekend; there is one by the boyfriend’s house I’ve wanted to check out. Who knows what kind of new inspiration I may find.

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Illustrated Ink said...

Congrats on finishing your piece, I look forward to seeing it! Have fun at the thrift shop, I just went today. ;) One of my fav things to do!