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July 15, 2014

Vampire House

I've had this house shaped box for years and have never found the right project to go inside it.  And then recently I ran across this doll and this strange ornament featuring a baby on an over sized chair.  So of course I had to have them.  Once I got them into the studio I immediately saw that the doll and the baby were meant to be with each other.  So I got out my paints and made them an immortal mother and child.  Once that was done they needed a place to live and the house box was the perfect place.  I gave it a Victorian Gothic feel, adding the distressed picket fence and greenery to the outside of the box along with framed windows.  I even gave Lady Beatrice a miniature glass bottle filled with red liquid to feed her son Malcolm.  I think I had almost as much fun creating the story for these two as I did creating the shadow box!

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