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July 13, 2014

Skeleton Dolls and Opium Dens

I've finished a new 1920s Opium Den shadow box.  This one is a bit different than my previous one.  Here's the first one I did.

 I went with the traditional flapper and a red and black design theme.  Here's the new one.
I made my flapper a skeleton, with cute bob and flapper headband.  I created a blue, silver and black design theme for the room.  I was inspired by the peacock paper it just screamed 20s to me so the piece took of from there.  I made the miniature candelier from some repurposed pieces, beads and clay.  My flapper is clay with a clay and lace skirt and a glitter and sequined top.  I also made a pipe from clay and a miniature hookah.

And I made another skeleton for a Day of the Dead shadow box.  I also made her entire outfit from clay with some fabric accents.  I made miniature saint candles as well.  And if you look closely you will see her silver hoop earrings with a black and white bead on them.
My next big project that I've been wanting to do is a skeleton pirate shadow box.  I need to find the right box it has to have enough room to create the scene I want to make.  It must be from watching John Malkovich in Crossbones. :)

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