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September 15, 2010

Treasuries and finished projects

I completed the Lady Death shadow box.  I decided to build it around the idea of Lady Death giving a grand ball.  The inside of the box shows bits of her house like ribcage wall vases, skull goblets, black velvet curtains with death masks hanging from them and the grand ball room filled with dancers.  The other side shows Lady Death all dressed in her best finnery ready to welcome her guests.  Someday I would  love to buy one of these houses from http://www.victoriandollhouse.etsy.com/:  and create a whole house for Lady Death.

Here's a few photos of the finished shadow box:

Seems like many on Etsy  have gotten the whole Fall/Halloween fever already I've been in four treasuries in the past five days and I made one as well.  Check out some of the amazing talent featured:

And the one that I created featuring all Etsy Dark Team members, The Spider's Touch

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