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September 13, 2010

New Projects and Keeping Busy

I've been keeping myself extremely busy, I listed four new items last week.  Including these shadow boxes

That mantle clock shadow box came out even better than I had hoped.  I've always been charmed by tiny bits of art so I loved the chance to create that little vignette.  For this week I have four projects that I've half started.  I'm working on two totally new projects they will be flat pieces perfect for table decor or even Halloween centerpiece type decorating.  One of the new pieces is a hinged shadow box with a Lady Death goes to the Ball theme.  I was rereading Peter S. Beagle's "Come Lady Death" and I just had to try and capture that mood.  Here's a sneak peak at Lady Death: 

Hopefully I will have that projected completed and listed this week.


tarayvonne said...

That Lady Death you made is amazing! Perhaps you should do individual dolls for sale for people to buy for their own projects? I bet they'd sell! I'd do 6 inch tall dolls for 1/12 scale because I know people are looking for more goth type dolls for miniature haunted houses and such. Just an idea!

Illustrated Ink said...

Lovin' "Lady Death"! You know I dig that mantle clock, great idea! I'm happy you're inspired and getting so many pieces completed! :D

Nacreous Alchemy said...

Thanks Tarayvonne, but I didn't make a doll I don't have that skill what I used is a photo I digitally enhanced. I wish I could make dolls like that. :)

Thanks Leila, it's good to be working and have the ideas flowing. :)

tarayvonne said...

No what I mean is the style you're showing, the way you decorated her. I completely disagree, I think you CAN make a doll if you'd try! Even an altered art one, by taking a 1/12 doll and redoing it "your style" which is great. Find one cheap on ebay and redo her like that! If you can redo a whole clock then you can redo a little bitty doll! Have you seen what they go for? Here's an example:http://www.dollhouseminiatures.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_147&products_id=4738

You telling me you can't do that??? I think you can!