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January 30, 2016

Gothic Valentine Treats

The holidays were a busy whirlwind this year I didn't get a chance to post this Christmas decoration I made. It's a very Poe Christmas.

Since it is nearly February I've been getting ready for the next holiday, Valentine's Day.  I made a few new pieces this year.
This is more an anti-valentine piece. I call it the death of love.
I used clay to make this anatomical heart with a key hole that I added to a heart box I painted and added trim to. Next to the heart is the skeleton key that matches it. 

I'm working on a new shadow box that features a doll I'm in the process of making. I sculpted a raven's head over a small porcelain doll to create Miss Ravensworth. Here's a sneak peek.  I'll be working on her clothes and home interior next.
 For my next doll project, I'm going to try making the entire doll. I have some ideas I've been wanting to try out.

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